One thing that sets Clementine Montessori apart from other schools is the breadth and depth of our staff’s knowledge and experience in Montessori education. ALL of our Lead Teachers and many of our Assistant Teachers are certified Montessori teachers or teachers-in-training.

Maria Montessori often referred to the adults in the classroom as “guides” to highlight their unique role in relation to the child. As guides, they nurture the interests and tendencies of each child, serving as facilitators to the child’s unique development. As a Member School of the American Montessori Society (AMS), all members of the Clementine faculty and staff honor and comply with the AMS Code of Ethics.

Clementine’s Lead Teachers direct their classes in accordance with the Montessori philosophy, the guidelines of AMI/AMS, and the general policies of Clementine Montessori. They establish daily and long-term goals for each child and for the class as a whole while developing and maintaining on-going communication with students and families.

Each of our Lead Teachers is supported by an Assistant Teacher to develop and maintain the classroom environments. Through their interactions with the children, they further promote the Montessori principles by respecting each child and fostering independence.

The instructors in our Enrichment Programs receive ongoing training in Montessori philosophy and child development, ensuring that the Montessori philosophy is consistently implemented throughout all programs.