Each of our Toddler classrooms is a mixed-age community, enrolling children from 18 months to 3 years of age.

Our toddlers attend school five days a week, with a choice of dismissal time being half, full or extended day.  In the Clementine Toddler House our toddlers develop independence, self-discipline and social and emotional awareness.

Each of our Primary classrooms is a mixed-age community, enrolling children from 3 to 6 years of age. (All Primary children must be toilet-trained by the start of the school year.)

Over the course of the three Primary years, the students grow and thrive by developing close ties to their peers and teachers. Our preschoolers attend school five mornings a week with the opportunity to extend their program into the afternoon. After lunch, our younger students are provided a rest period with dim lights, soft music, quiet reading and nap. Children who have outgrown rest, but are not yet age-eligible for Kindergarten return to their classroom for an afternoon uninterrupted work cycle together with their Montessori trained teachers. In their third year, kindergartners attend five full days. This afternoon learning group offers our oldest students the chance to work with their teacher in small groups on more advanced Montessori materials. In addition to continuing their work in the afternoon, Kindergartners take on more responsibility and have the privilege of participating in special activities and excursions.

During the course of a typical school day, students at Clementine Montessori enjoy learning about art, Spanish, music, cooking, and gardening as extensions to their regular classroom activities.